Romantic Ruins

The intriguing beauty of neglect

Words: Lee Tulloch, Photography: Tony Amos
Abandoned villa, Marsala, Sicily
Dome of the Chora; facade, Chiangir, Istanbul, Turkey
Murals, St Antony's, Bucharest, Romania
Graffiti, Ortigia, Sicily; relics, chapel, Monteverdi, Tuscany
Abandoned street, Mumbai; mausoleum, Vukovar, Croatia
Facade, balcony, Bucharest, Romania
Empty building, Venice; cemetery, Copenhagen
Smashed bottle, demolished building, Palermo, Italy
Ancient foundations, Malfa, Salina, Aeolian Islands.
Fortress wall, Parga, Greece
Spire under restoration; timber house, Istanbul, Turkey
Herder's shack, Delos, Greece
Antiquities, Delos, Greece
Houses around Nizwa fort, Oman
Galle, Sri Lanka
Galle, Sri Lanka
Church, waterfront house, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka
Interior of deserted house, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka
Crumbling house, east of Galle, Sri Lanka
Ta Prohm, Wat Nokor, Cambodia
Walls of old house, Rarotonga, Cook islands
Staircase, Eagles Nest; table, Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, NY
Headless statue, Oheka Castle, Long Island, New York
Shack, Port Stanley, Falkland islands
Political mural, dead trees, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego
Seaman's Internacional Discotheque, Valparaiso, Chile
Ruined house, Valparaiso, Chile
Shop window, mural, Valparaiso, Chile
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The world is full of palaces and penthouses, but when we travel we don’t look for perfection. Instead, we gravitate towards the beautifully dilapidated – the broken down palazzo, the forgotten house, the bombed out apartment building, the abandoned villa that has been overtaken by time and nature. For those who share our obsession, a slideshow of 49 images of the gorgeously ruined, from Bucharest to the Falkland Islands.

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