Visiting the Queen of Sheba

A guide to Oman's exquisite, remote south

Words: Lee Tulloch, Photography: Tony Amos
on the Arabian sea south of Salalah
green surrounded by desert
forest, Taqa fort
Taqa Fort
air drying camel meat, stew
dining room at local restaurant road
incredibly delicious camel meat
south of Mirbat, traders house
ruin of traders house, Mirbat
beautiful ruins, Mirbat
ruins of old souq, Mirbat
old souq and desert petrol bowser, Mirbat
net repairs, Mirbat
after the haul, Mirbat
Mirbat port, bringing in the catch
blackened fish, Mirbat
recreation in Mirbat
dhows off Mirbat
wadi Dawkah
camels at Sumhuram
remnants of Al Baleed
frankincense land, frankincense
frankincense souq Salalah
Sultan Qaboos Mosque, beach at the corniche
on the corniche
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Venture beyond Oman’s capital, Muscat, to a storied land that defies expectations, where the Queen of Sheba once ruled and the landscape varies from rocky desert to hundreds of miles of deserted beaches and hills so lush they might be in Ireland. Salalah, the land of Frankincense, is safe, friendly, and so gorgeous it’s heart-stopping. And there are camels. Thousands of them.

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