The Year’s Best Experiences

Highlights from a fabulous year of travel

Words: Lee Tulloch, Photography: Tony Amos
The Moorings, skies like you've never seen
Souk, Dar Yacout
Mistinguett's bed
Museum of Everything
Fragonard Museum
Qantas party
Renato, risotto
Fortuny Museum
Orient Express
Millennium tour
Tivoli Gardens
Ta Prohm
sulphur bank, volcano
St Benedict's painted church Hawaii
best kebap at spice market, best  baklava at Bilgleoglu
Hagia Sophia
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We’ve had quite a year! Here’s a round-up of the experiences we enjoyed the most, and some previews of what’s to come. Happy travels in 2014, everyone, and thanks for coming with us.

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